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Luke's Constant Whinings

No point in reading this shit

Weeping Moon
17 July
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a clockwork orange, albert einstien, analyzing people, anne rice, anti-socialism, archery, art, autumn, black, black globes, black velvet, book stores, books, boots, breasts, bush losing this election, camping, cats, chaos, chaotica23, chemistry, chocolate milk, chuck taylors, coca-cola, cold weather, computer art, cute girls, cynicalness, daria, death, double bladed axes, dragons, dreams, dystopia, eating, electronica, ethiopian food, eyes, fantasy, fire, flavored seaweed, food, forests, fractals, french dips, french kissing, fucking, girls wearing velvet, goth, goth rock, gothic, gta vice city, guns, hiking, ikea, industrial, infidelity, insanity, introverts, jrr tolkien, kinky sex, knives, lava lamps, learning, macs, making todd's house habitable, math, mcdonald's french fries, medieval weapons, middle ages, modern rock, monty python, morbidity, mushrooms, mythology, nature, nine inch nails, oblivion, original nintendo, orson scott card, pearl jam, philosophy, physics, piercing, pink floyd, play station 2, poetry, portishead, potatoes, potted meat food product, processed sweet stuff, punk rock, rabbit in the moon, rage against the machine, rain, reading, red hot chili peppers, rice candy, road trips, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, scan tv, science, seattle, sex, simcity 3000, simcity 4, sleep, sleeping, snakes, soccer, some anime, soy sauce, spontaneity, star trek, star wars, steak, steel toed boots, stephen hawking, sticky rice, sunsets, super nintendo, sushi, sword fighting, swords, taking pictures, tattoos, the cow conspiracy, the doors, the gimp, the moon, the ocean, the renaissance, the simpsons, the sims, thinking, thunderstorms, tool, vampires, velvet, video games, voltaire, walking barefoot, water, waterfalls, weed, women, world domination, writing, yan yan